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Bo Dream Productions

 Bo Dream Productions is a boutique production company. The company was founded in Brussels (Belgium) by Bożena Bogdziewicz-Önkol in December 2020. We specialize in international and local film and television productions. We also produce video content for small and medium sized enterprises for internet and social media advertising and marketing. We bring an expertise built from years of experience in the field in the United States, Poland and Spain. We work collaboratively with foreign producers who would like to bring their productions to Belgium. Whether your project is a feature film, internet ad, or an art installation at a museum, we are prepared to shepherd your project through a collaborative process until it reaches your audience. We are committed to best practices in all aspects of the creative process. Work with us!


  • International Co-productions with Belgium

We often partner with foreign producers to co-produce minority productions. Our primary focus is on fiction films and  television series. We also produce documentaries.We look for compelling stories.

  • Film and television series productions in Belgium

We produce Belgium fiction films and television series. We collaborate with established and emerging filmmakers. We are producers/idea creators. If you have a new script/project, contact us. We actively look for interesting stories.

  • Video Content for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) for Internet and Social Media

We create video content for SME. If you have an idea for a new web video for your company, send us your project idea or your vision and ask us for a quote. We will create a tailor made production proposal.

  • Production Servicing for Foreign Producers who would like to shoot in Belgium

Occasionally we work as film fixers for foreign producers who would like to shoot in Belgium. We typically co-produce films that we offer production services to. We will help you to find the best freelance talents and locations in Belgium.

  • Collaboration with audiovisual artists preparing video installations for museums and cultural centers

We like to develop content with audiovisual artists by helping them prepare video installations. If you have an interesting project, contact us.

About Bożena:

Bożena Bogdziewicz-Önkol received her M.A. at Warsaw University, majoring in journalism and communication. She worked as a journalist in Poland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, and New York. She started making short films in Barcelona as a student of audiovisual communication. Bożena continued her studies in Media Arts as a writer and director in the M.F.A. program at the City College of New York. Bożena has collaborated with film industry professionals including Andrzej Wajda, Harvey Keitel and Janusz Kaminski (two-time Oscar winner and DP of Steven Spielberg), Alvaro Longoria (Producer of Steven Soderbergh's Guerilla, Olivier Stone's Commandant, and Carlos Saura's Iberia). 


She has worked as an Associate Producer and International Development Specialist for various international production companies. In addition to her work in film, she has helmed projects as a theatre director and producer at Moliere Theatre and American Theatre in Brussels. Bożena speaks seven foreign languages and has worked in multicultural environments. She directed several short movies (documentaries and fictions) and a commercial to raise social awareness for the Polish Red Cross.  Between 2016-2017 Bożena collaborated with Kosmos Production in Warsaw, Poland as writer/director/producer. In 2016 she was selected for EAVE Ties that Bind program for European and Asian producers that took place in Italy and Singapore. In 2017 Bozena participated in MFI Screenwriting Workshop in Greece with her new script  On the other side of the mirror. Since the beginning of 2016, Bożena works as an independent film expert for Media Program at the European Commission's Agency-EACEA. She created Bo Dream Productions in Brussels, Belgium to produce films, televison series and video content.


Hi, I’m Bożena Bogdziewicz-Önkol

I am the Founder and CEO of

Bo Dream Productions.


Making films is my passion.

We'd Love to Hear From You!

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