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Uniform Buildings


TV series in Development

Production Info:

Director/ Writer: Brigitte Gauthier

Co-producer: Bożena Bogdziewicz Önkol                           

France-Belgium Coproduction

Synopsis: Dona (43) loves Driss (56). She is a sculptress with a huge talent.  He’s a very gifted hairdresser. They love being together. They’re going to get married.Next thing she knows, Driss is dead, got shot on the night of the November 13th attack in Paris. A policeman interrogates her as they found next to him an ID with his picture in the name of somebody's else. He’s not Algerian as he told her, having arrived in 1963 when he was 4. He’s a Syrian Refugee who comes through the Greek track a year ago. Dona is flabbergasted.All the elements she knows about him, especially his Allah Akbar tattoo that got tore off in the shooting. She shuts up, both to protect his memory and have the time to investigate him on her own.

Awards and Workshops: Mediteranean Film Institute Screenwriting Workshop 2019 in Greek Islands (MFI)

Planned Shooting: TBD in France, Greece and Middle East.

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