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Pebble Beach


Feature Film in Early Development

Production Info:
Director/ Writer: Ely Chevillot
Producer: Bożena Bogdziewicz Önkol,
Belgium production

Synopsis: Damien (38) comes back in his family in Bretagne with his boyfriend Simon (29). His brother Erwan (41) called him because of
the severe accident of their father Jean (68). For few weeks, giant
jellyfishes invaded the coast, killing local fish supply, which is the family work. They also seem responsible to strange meteorological phenomenons.
Their presence is a growing mystery.
Awards and Workshops: Pitch2020 (BRIFF), Torino Script Lab 2021,Brussels Co-production Film Market 2022, Coprocity Platform 2022 

Planned Shooting: dates TBD, Bretagne, France.


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